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It is honestly a very personal choice. Start by choosing your favorite color! You want to make sure whatever you buy fits you comfortably, not too tight and not too baggy. If you have areas that you most certainly want to cover, such as your stomach, try high-waists, corsets, or a gown! If you’re going to simply break the ice, bring a partners button shirt. This is one way to warm up in front of the camera. Want a boost in your chest? Find a supportive bra and panties to match. The options are endless. Have fun shopping!

Beauty comes in all ages and sizes. We welcome thick, thin, young, and old so long as you are over 21. We encourage you to have this opportunity to experience self-love.

Absolutely! Almost everyone is nervous when they decide to do this type of shoot. It is totally expected. My goal is to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere during your session. Let’s turn on your playlist and jam out to your favorite music!

We sure do! Serenity is unlike any other boudoir studio. We are a fully functional hair and beauty salon with all the services a professional salon would offer. You are being styled by trained professionals and when not included in a photography package would usually cost £75 so you’re onto a great deal already. We specialise in beauty and making you look amazing is what we do best.

Serenity images are sensitive to many people. We completely understand if you don’t want your images displayed beyond the intended viewer. We have photographed hundreds of clients and their images have never been displayed by our studio. You will be asked this as part of our booking form. However  many clients are happy for us to display certain images and on the odd occasion have been disappointed when we haven’t. Should circumstances change in the future then we would remove any displayed without question. 

This is absolutely normal. Most ladies do not have intimate photos taken on a regular basis like professional models. It’s quite normal to feel apprehensive about the session… that’s why we offer a free consultation available before the session or before booking. Almost all of our clients are initially nervous, but by the time you have finished chatting with our stylists and going over the brief with Debbie and John this goes out the window and within minutes you will be having a great time and wondering what the worry was. Please read the testimonials on facebook!

You do not need modeling experience to look fine & sexy. We will coach you on how to pose and look best for the camera. We will even pose so that you can copy us. Debbie will make sure you look you best and make adjustments or carry out tucks when needed. We also have plenty of ideas! So be prepared to have some fun!

Actually we hate this question as many studios use it in a sexist fashion as if there is something wrong with male photographers. The best photographers of the female form in the world are actually male so its a false pre-conception that you will only get the best from a female. We are professionals and we do our job as professionals, we don’t photograph women to ogle them, we photograph boudoir because we are good at it. Your photographers are John & Debbie (together since 10 years old and photographers for over 30yrs). We work as a team and you are in very secure hands. Some women are unsure about a male boudoir photographer, while some prefer them. There are actually quite a few benefits to having a male photographer, Men and women typically see women differently. What men find sexy and what women find sexy are typically different things. Men like to see their partners smile, were as a woman prefers to hide the smile. During viewings the men always choose different images to their partner.  We guarantee a completely comfortable, professional, and FUN atmosphere. One thing is certain, We will capture images that both you and your partner will enjoy! 

If you are planning a Serenity session it is a good idea to book well in advance to save any disappointment. Please try to book 2 to 3 weeks in advance as we are a busy salon and our stylists book up fast as does our studio time. It also gives you time to gather garments and ideas for your session. This might sound very personal but please check your cycle too as you don’t want to be uncomfortable on the day. Viewings will be held during a second visit to the studio. We need a minimum of 5 days to prep your images. Same day viewings are not a service at this time as we want to show you at your best not just have a quick turnaround for profit. Products purchased will take a further 5 to 10 days to arrive in the studio. However for albums and wall products please allow up to 21 days to arrive. If you need them urgent then we will do our best to help.

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You’re engaged! Bridal boudoir sessions are extra special because they celebrate the beginning of one of the most important stages of your life. For all our bridal clients, we recommend booking a session 3 months before the desired date to allow for finished product delivery. As soon as you’ve decided you want to go on this journey with us as your boudoir photographers, book your session! No matter how early on it is. 

Yes! Photoshop can reduce or completely remove most common issues. We may do less editing than some boudoir photographers because we believe in showing the real you. We have never been a fan of pictures that make people look like plastic dolls and some photographers can make images look worse as they don’t have beauty editing skills. After hundreds of session and 30 years in the photography industry we have mastered the lighting and posing that is used to flatter your specific body type, no matter your curves or age. Photoshop can then be used to perfect the images, it should not be used to change who you are and who your partner loves, bumps and all. We’re here for you, in fact we probably have more body issues than you, lol!

We run a strict cancellation policy as time is precious at Serenity and our staff are booked out to you alone during your appointment, this is up to 4 members of staff. Should you need to re-arrange or cancel your appointment then we are happy to re-schedule so long as we receive more than 72 hours notice. If however your notice is less than this then we will not refund any monies paid. There is a short notice charge to reschedule appointments, currently £35, This fee is to cover the costs of our hair and make-up stylists lost revenue. 

No you don’t have to use our professional stylists for your photography session. Simply book our photography only session. However our stylists are experienced with photography make-up so know how to get the best results for your photographs. For best results use our stylists that is what they are there for. If your option includes hair and make-up as standard and you choose not to use it later then we cannot offer cash refunds or reduction of package cost for non use of either. However we will offer you a maximum £25 credit against framed or box sets purchased. 

At Serenity we offer more than just boudoir photography, we offer beauty make-overs, fashion shoots, pin, figure etc. Unlike some studios we are not dedicated to one particular genre as we are creative across a wide range. We do hold some accessories, 50’s dresses, shoes, boots and some items, what we don’t do is supply full outfits. We actually find that in almost all cases clients have what they need in their own wardrobe. If you don’t it”s a great excuse to go out and buy some new outfits. The advantage of this is the garments will fit you, they will be comfortable and they can be used again. During the consultation we aim to find your style, your needs and will go through what to bring on the day. However planning is key and bringing outfits you feel confident in or your partner likes you in is going to help you achieve the desired effect. You can never have too many outfits.Pack a couple of bags over the course of a week, drop in items you think might work, if they don’t then nothing lost. Hats, shoe’s, stockings, flattering corsets or lacy underwear all work well. Mix your colours, not just all black, if you’re doing this for a partner ask him what he or she likes you in most. If you are planning a leather or latex outfit then make sure you pack talcum powder. Choose wisely and don’t choose just to play safe.

We are happy for you to bring a friend to your consultation and your viewing. However during your session this is individual only unless you are undergoing a couples session or party session. We have found that having a friend or friends watching is actually more destructive than supportive. It’s your moment to shine and friends and family can sometimes say the wrong thing. It’s a set of eyes watching rather than actually interacting with you like we do.If you bring a friend we will ask them to sit close by in the reception room whilst you are having your session, obviously they can help you with outfits etc and talk to you, they just won’t be able to sit in the main studio and monitor your session.

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